Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tanks a lot Goodwill ($16 for a Shaw-Walker Tanker?, yeah)

Just similar is your reaction to mine when hearing the words *GOOD*WILL. Mine?...exactly like my dog's when she hears the word SQUIRREL! The head swinging left to right with that 'where, where, where' look in the eye.

But now for my defense. Because of the crazy good, slam dunk bargains I've stumbled on in many of these modest establishments, I associate those two words (*GOOD and *WILL) with discarded, unclaimed, and unrecognized treasure. In my opinion, if you're passing a Goodwill, always make time for a TML (ten-minute-lap). 

Check out what I found waiting for me on a TML last week at one of the GW's near me (pictures below). Hard to believe, but this little guy had been sitting in full view for 3 days! A beautiful Shaw-Walker tanker desk with rubberized top surface, polished stainless steel corner-caps and drawer pulls, and flawless gunmetal gray paint. For the whopping sum of $15.97. A true out of body experience.

How was I going to get it home? I don't know...I'll figure that out later.
Where am I going to put it? I don't know...I'll figure that out later.
Don't bother me with details...this was a no-brainer!

Enjoy the following photos:

Gotta go - think I heard somebody say Goodwill...

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