Sunday, May 18, 2014

Eye in the Sky...(Chrome Orb Floor Lamp, Gino Sarfatti)

   Never underestimate what treasure may be waiting when you're out trolling. Do NOT prejudge that rundown thrift store and talk yourself out of making a quick reconnaissance lap. I know it can be tempting to just skip it, but here tangible evidence of why the TML (ten minute lap) is often time well spent.
   I embark on one of my reluctant journeys into the local Habitat ReStore, pulling the front door open I'm asking myself "isn't there something better you could be doing right now?".
   Immediately, the reason for today's visit becomes clear...suddenly our eyes meet. Actually, she only had one eye - but they still met.
   Most of you know this feeling. You see 'something' that you're sure is 'something', but other than the gut-feeling, you don't have a clue what kind of 'something' it is. Fortunately for me in this instance, the risk was a no-brainer. I happily paid the sum of $4.00, and took my chances. Online research here I come (among my favorite aspects of this hobby/obsession).
   RESULT: An dusty, dirty, yet unmolested example of a 1961 marble base, chrome orb shade Italian floor lamp. My research confirmed the designer as Gino Sarfatti, made by the renowned and respected Arredoluce Italian lamp manufacturer. Granted, the single orb-shaded version is not as valuable as the triple-orb, or better yet...the 'Triennale' with 3 articulating adjustment arms, each sporting a colorful conical metal shade.
   I'm calling this one a score because of its 'good condition' current retail value of $300-700 dollars once cleaned up and fully functional. One or two of these per day would work for me.
 Notice the pink $4 price sticker on the still very dirty chrome shade (above)...
 Both adjustment knobs in place...and even the black screw-on plastic top cap was there...
 The pile of disassembled parts, ready for clean-up...I'm drooling at this point.
 Dust and dirt actually seemed to preserve the high quality chrome...

 She cleaned up great. Sold very quickly, but I wish I would've hung on to this one.
She cleaned up real good.

  In retrospect, this episode is probably the one that really set the hook in my mouth regarding the serious potential that thrifting-for-profit can offer. These valuables however will not merely jump in your need to always be looking and learning, education yourself every chance you get on those 'never before seen' items.  

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