Tuesday, May 27, 2014

GOODWILL: Not what it used to be, BUT!....

Hopefully not the case in your town, but the GW's around here have gotten a little big for their britches. Seems someone in the control-room has discovered the world-wide-interweb.

Not breaking news, I know. The primary purpose for this post is simply to lift the collective thrifter-spirit by showing you the magnitude of mistakes that are still being made IN OUR FAVOR at Goodwilliam. Check it out.

One pristine, black and chrome Eames DCM chair by Henry Miller. Waiting just for me. For $9.97. That's a big swing-and-a-miss for Goodwill (thanks bro...got any more?). I've lovingly named this little guy Blackie. I like to name my furniture.

Pictured below, Blackie is trying to talk his new roomie into wearing both his cushions for this photo. Big-K (the green Kroehler sleeper sofa) is a bit of a rebel most of the time.

I don't even think Blackie ever saw any actual real world butt-time. In addition to his overall immaculate condition, he was still wearing clear protective plastic covering on his chrome base as well as both painted seating surfaces(!).  

Shock mounts and screws all brand new.

Bottom line...I'll still be leaving time for semi-regular TML's at Goodwilliam. Who knows, I may happen upon the rest of Blackie's family. One can dream.

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