Monday, June 2, 2014

..,mailbox? no, MODBOX ...go to Kickstarter NOW...

All you kids are familiar with the concept of 'curb appeal'. And if you're reading this blog, the term 'Atomic Ranch' is no stranger to you. If by some chance this reference is foreign to you, simply read on.

There is a rapidly growing segment of home buyers who are choosing to specifically seek out homes built during the Atomic Design era. If you happen NOT to be among this group of forward-thinking folk, allow me to paint you a picture of the style. Pretty sure I can do this in a couple of short sentences.

Think 'Brady Bunch' house. Okay, now think 'I Dream of Jeannie' house (...I said house). You should be seeing huge windows that in many places reach floor to ceiling. And long, slanted, angular rooflines. Interiors with brick or stacked stone fireplaces also stretching from floor to ceiling, most times having been positioned so as to be a key focal point in the main living area. If that's not enough, just google 'Atomic Ranch style home'...or 'Richard Neutra' (maybe I should've suggested that first).

Now, on to the primary point of this post (...I know, I know).

All you Atomic Ranchers out there are gonna want to click this link...

...which will take you straight to Greg Kelly's ultra cool Kickstarter project page. You should see the following image:

Greg and I have not yet had the opportunity to meet face-to-face, but I can tell you he's a real gentleman when communicating by computer. 

Greg was kind enough to back my own personal Kickstarter project, the Modwagen Mid-Century Modern Field-Guide (...this is known as shameless self-promotion). 

Through our KS correspondence, Greg learned that I was attempting to create this Blog, and simply asked if I'd mind giving 'The MODBOX' a mention. How could I not?'s freaking cool! 

Greg's Kickstarter page tells the MODBOX story much better than I can, so allow me to step out of the way and let you click the link above. Watch his excellent video, and immerse yourself in the details of his master MODBOX plan. 

The MODBOX's funding deadline is 3:10pm EDT on Thursday June 12, 2014...less than 10 days! Backing is looking good at this point, but keep in mind what Greg clearly explains - you can't just run down to the hardware store and buy a mailbox that will adequately adorn your Atomic Ranch curb like the MODBOX can...just check out these colors!

Below are a few more images that you will also see on the MODBOX page.

...THIS is what we're after...

...THIS is how Greg intends to get us there...

Thanks for checking in on the *modwagen*


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